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It’s scary when you realize you’ve lost your home key. Think about how scary it is that you don’t have one at all. How hard do you have to be in Finland to survive without a roof over your head? By buying Happiness-jewellery, you help the homeless. 40% of each Happiness-jewellery is donated to the Sininauha Foundation. The funds raised will be used for material support (recreation, camping, culture, food aid, family work, spiritual work) to support the life management and health promotion of the residents of the Sininauha Foundation and other Foundation clients. In addition, the funds will be used for the foundation's acquisition of new transitional apartments, for the repair and renovation of transitional apartments. The jewellery is made of acrylic and the chain is made of nickel free silver plated metal. The size of the key is about 7,9 x 3,7 cm. Jewellery designer Saara Ruskola has designed jewellery for the Sininauha Foundation. The jewellery is made from start to finish in the designer's workshop in eastern Helsinki.

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