Gifts for the gifted 13.11.-31.12.2020

In the Gifts for the Gifted Exhibition, products were selected for both themselves and a friend to wrap in a package. There are such beautiful interior products on offer that will delight for a long time as well as timeless and unique jewelry and accessories suitable for the season. A gift purchased from a sales exhibition can be obtained with a good conscience, as high-quality domestic products support the daily lives of Finnish entrepreneurs. The selection of the sales exhibition includes, among other things, lively crocheted earrings, plywood jewelry and decorations, colorful and sweet glass products, timeless design products from Finnish steel, high-quality accessories and wall textiles inspired by the Middle Ages and folk art.

Craftsmen from all over Finland were applied for the exhibition in an open search, from which six craftsmen from different fields were selected. The aim was to offer the widest possible coverage of Finnish handicrafts. Through the exhibition, suitable products were sold as gifts, which will surely be used and will not be left behind in the back of the closet.

Museum of Finnish Handicraft Museum Shop [at], tel. 014 266 4370

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