Privacy Policy


Registry keeper 
Saara Katharina Ruskola
Suursuontie 12 B 34
00630 Helsinki
What data is gathered about me?
The customer register will store the customer’s first name, last name, street address, postal code, post office, country, e-mail address, telephone number, the language used in dealing with the currency used. Company client’s business name, business ID and VAT ID are also stored.
In addition, the information provided by the customer at the time of ordering, such as the content of the order, the method of payment and the delivery method, are stored in the order information of the online store.
What personal information is used for?
-Customer relationship management
-Order delivery, processing and archiving
-For statistical purposes
-Marketing purposes
The legal basis for handling personal data is the agreement, consent or legitimate consent.
The processing of personal data has taken into account the requirements of the EU Data Protection Regulation to be followed from 25 May 2018.
How long will my personal information be stored?
We will keep your personal information as long as it is necessary for the purposes of the registry to be used.
In addition, some information may be kept longer to the extent necessary to meet the obligations laid out in the law, such as accounting and consumer responsibility.
Disclosure of information to third parties
We will pass personal information to logistics and payment service to our partners to enable our e-commerce to operate.
Customers Rights
-Amendment of Law
-Right of rectification
-The right to withdraw consent