I am jewellery designer from Helsinki, Finland. The thing that makes my products unique are interesting material choices, different kinds of forms and moments of epiphanies, which coalesce in to elegant complexities. My jewelleries have the story of their own just like you have. This makes them more than just beautiful to wear.
My goal is to design and manufacture a product that values ​​ethics and aesthetics and is easy to use. I will make my jewellery specifically for you. Every piece of jewellery I design and manufacture runs from start to finish through my eyes, mind and heart. And the joy that a small piece of jewellery can bring, is just something spectacular! That is what I will continue to strive for.
"First glance and you'll see the beautiful outer surface. Come closer and more will appear to you. If you just mind a moment, you might hear a story. Then all will reveal itself to you."