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Would you believe that the main material of stylish, light and modern Ruusa-jewellery is a recycled bottle cap! The starting point is therefore the cap of a soda or beer bottle that goes to metal rubbish. The journey from bottle cap to jewellery involves many work steps. There are for example incineration, acidification, washing, hammering, varnishing, painting, torsion and turning. The colour inside the jewellery glimmers to bring life and joy. The inside of the cap has been painted with metallic paint and the outside of the cap with transparent varnish. The material of the cap is, after all, steel. The jewellery is skin-friendly and does not cause allergic reactions. The locked chain is sterling silver and 80 cm in length. The jewellery is delivered in a black, stylish box, where it is suitable to give as a gift. Ruusa-jewellery is handcrafted from start to finish. Please note that each piece of jewellery is its own unique work of an art and, for example, the colouring of the surface of the cap or the colour inside may differ slightly from another piece of jewellery. The cap part of the jewellery can be wiped clean with a damp cloth and the silver parts can be polished with a silver cleaning cloth if necessary. After use, you should always keep the jewellery in its own box and put it on last, only after spraying hairspray and fragrance.